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October 2017

Using comedy, improv, theatre and music Tricia Enns takes the audience into the wild and wacky honeybee world. 

Highlight?! The queen bee breaking the penis piñata while explaining how honeybees mate. 

First performed in Santa Lucia Spain as part of BeeTime Artist Residency. 


Ongoing (Began May 2014)

Check out the website to know more!

Collaborative community dance project with Jordan David. A touring daytime dance project with the aim to reclaim and reframe dance in an inclusive and playful environment. Morning Jams have occurred in both Ottawa, Canada and Brighton, UK in galleries, yoga studios, offices and on the streets. Visit the website to bring dance to a random space near you! 

Weekly Publication (since 2016)

Illustrated comic based on Tricia Enns' life. Exposing the ups and downs and somewhat hilarity of life as a female in this very confusing world.

June 2018

Written piece which explores the relationship between honeybees, gender, and power. Part of a large publication called Holon. Inspired by BeeTime artist residency Tricia Enns participated on in Spain in October 2017 which focused on honeybees.

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June 2018

An illustrated series of six roles in the honeybee hive with humorous descriptions. Viewers are encouraged to take a sticker of one of the honeybees with them and choose where the honeybee "lands". The piece uses game theory to engage viewers/participants. The honeybees can then be tracked when participants post photos on social media using the hashtag #flylittlehoneybee.

This project was first shown in This Temporary Matter Exhibition at The Fringe Art Bath Festival 2018. 

Contact Tricia Enns if you want to bring #flylittlehoneybee to a space near you.

Ontario Science Centre Tech Art Fair 2019

Created a three-day-long immersive honeybee experience using art, play, costumes, smell, story-telling, and taste!